Teamwork Investigation​

Teamwork Investigation

Our team of investigators are highly skilled in internal theft identification and recovery, fraudulent claims, activity checks, white-collar crimes, personal injury claims, and accident reconstruction. The professionals of Comvet Security are highly skilled and trained, bonded, and certified to provide in-depth, confidential investigations in the specialized areas. With our qualifications, we are prepared to testify in court or in other formal proceedings. The Investigations Division provides services for attorneys, insurance companies, government agencies, and private industries in the areas of: 

We’ll conduct reviews of all risks, complete with a fully documented report outlining your entire security efforts and list recommendations to reduce vulnerabilities.

Four prime objectives are developed during the evaluation of your facility, property, programs, and other assets:

- Surveillance and Undercover Operations

- Background Checks

- Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation

- Interviews and Interrogations Support

- Security Surveys & Vulnerability Assessments

- Due Diligence Checks (Business and Personal)

- Integrity Shopping

- Rapid Response Teamwork

- Civil Litigations

We build Quality Assurance into our tasks by using templates for documents that lay out the contents of a deliverable. We use teams of two to conduct interviews and tests to ensure that we capture the full spectrum of data and to internally provide checks and balances on what was heard/seen. During document development, we have internal informal reviews by other members of the team to ensure that the document is “on target” and that course corrections are not needed. Finally, we have internal cross reviews of documents before we perform our final reviews and make delivery.